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Get started with Obcerv by following these basic steps.

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To start using Obcerv, these are the major tasks that you need to complete:

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The Web Console provides a common user interface for various Obcerv apps.

Click Continue to start the interactive demo below.

Section Description
Apps Apps built for the Obcerv platform are integrated in the Web Console. From the side panel, quickly switch between apps that are available in your licensing plan, such as Dashboards, Logs, or Alerting. For more details, see Apps.
Data filters In some apps, you can set when to filter data – from the last 5 minutes to the past month. You can refresh data any time.
UI interface settings Change default settings in the Web Console user interface, such as which home page or time zone to select. To start, click your account name on the side panel. All your changes only apply to you. For more details, see Web Console interface settings.
Admin settings If you have an administrator role, you can check Obcerv license details or manage plugins, among others by clicking Admin on the side panel. For more details, see Web Console admin settings.
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