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Ingestion errors


The Ingestion Errors page collects and displays dataview errors that are generated from Gateway Hub. These errors are generated due to incorrect schema or data coming from the connected Gateway.

For how to solve ingestion errors, see Resolve an ingestion error.

To manually clean up ingestion errors, see Remove ingestion errors in Troubleshooting User Guide.

Ingestion errors table

The table on the page has the following columns:

Column name Description
Last occurrence Date and time when the dataview error occurred.
Dataview path Full path of the dataview error.
Error message Error code and details. For more information, see Error codes.
Occurrences Number of times that the dataview error occurred in the past .

Search box

At the top of the Ingestion Errors page, there is a search box that has the following parameters:

  • Search by Path — allows you to filter dataview errors results by dataview path.
  • Error Code — a drop-down list that allows you to filter by error code.

Click Search to filter the table with the parameters.

Error details sidebar

Clicking on an error in the table brings up with Error details on the right side of the screen. This sidebar provides further information about the error being displayed:

Error details Description
Origin Path to the dataview where the error occurred.
Error code Shows the error code, details, and the number of occurrences in red.
Dataview schema Shows the schema currently configured for the dataview.

If there is no detected schema in the given dataview path, the Error Details screen displays this:

For more information on the error codes, see Error codes.