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Resolve an ingestion error


Once a Gateway has been successfully configured to publish to Gateway Hub and all the schemas have been provided, the final step is to ensure that the data received in Gateway Hub matches the schemas provided.

Gateway Hub is not successfully configured if there are ingestion errors remaining. Ingestion errors prevent metrics from being stored in Gateway Hub. Resolving these ingestion errors might take some time because it involves reading the errors in the Geneos Web Console.

For an introduction to the Web Console, see Access Geneos Web Console.

Ingestion Errors page in Web Console

The Web Console home page has a dashboard widget that shows the total number of ingestion errors. Details of each error is shown on the Ingestion Errors page.

To navigate to the Ingestion Errors page, either:

  • Click the widget on the Web Console home page.
  • Expand the Administration panel on the left-hand side of the Web Console and click Ingestion Errors.

The Ingestion Errors page displays a table of errors, grouped by Dataview and Error. For a list of the columns and their meaning, see Ingestion errors

Selecting an error in the list to reveals the error details sidebar. This contains further information about the error such as the origin of the error and the currently configured schema.

How to resolve ingestion errors

To resolve an ingestion error, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Web Console using your browser.
  2. Click Administration > Ingestion Errors to navigate to the Ingestion Errors page.
  3. Select an error from the list to view the Error Details sidebar. The Error Details screen provides the information, including the affected Gateway and sampler in your setup.
  4. In the example below, the error message is 13033 - Invalid Unit in Schema.

  5. Open the dataview in Active Console to confirm the actual values. 
  6. Open your Gateway Setup Editor.
  7. Navigate to the Publishing tab of the relevant sampler.
    Using the example above, the relevant sampler is gw-sql.
  8. In Schemas > Dataviews, click Data to open the schema configuration for the relevant dataview in the sampler.
  9. On the Data screen, correct the schema as required.
    In this example, the correct unit of measure is selected using the Unit of measure field.
  10. Click Close to close the window.
  11. Click Save current document to save the setup.
  12. Success: Once the updated schema is saved, Gateway Hub will be updated and the previous error is removed from the system.