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Geneos: Comprehensive insight into Google Cloud Platform services

With the increasing adoption of multi-cloud deployment strategies, many companies have chosen the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as their preferred solution.

The new Collection Agent plugin for the Google Cloud Platform provides you with an end-to-end visibility into your hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The plugin can monitor more than 15 services, including cloud functions, networking, databases, and more.

Obcerv: More control over ingested data points

Since Obcerv 2.0.0 requires explicit configuration for data point ingestion, the Ingestion app allows you to manage the order of dimensions, which are unique entity identifiers within a data point. This granularity gives you precise control over data ingestion. You can configure unknown dimensions and wait for matching data points so it gets updated to a fully resolved status.

Capacity Planner: AWS summary dashboard

The AWS visual summary dashboard displays key information about the AWS state.

When you log in to Capacity Planner, you can immediately see the total AWS spend in the last full calendar month, the recommendations on how you can save money by turning off idle instances, for right-sizing or removing EBS volumes.

Monthly costs chart displays your month by month breakdown of spend across AWS as well as the estimated spend and the predicted spend for the following month.

In the Services Costs chart you can see a breakdown of cost by the services that you are using.

This dashboard can be enabled if you are using an AWS solution.

OP5 Monitor: Hybrid IT environments

Many of our customers have started to incorporate cloud into their IT estate. This is a natural evolution, and OP5 Monitor shall continue to be a best-in-class monitoring tool for networks and on-premise environments, while evolving to support dynamic environments. We call the mix between traditional IT and dynamic environments the Hybrid IT. We have already started the work of supporting Hybrid IT environments with these new items:

  • We have created the Slim Poller, a containerised lightweight version of OP5 Monitor poller configuration. This was especially designed to enable the OP5 Monitor poller to run as a container in environments such as OpenShift and Kubernetes. Slim Poller supports autoscaling in Kubernetes, can be set up automatically with environment variables, and can auto-register with the cluster.
  • We have created a plugin specifically for monitoring Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources. The plugin allows for this by accessing the AWS native cloud monitoring called CloudWatch.
  • We have created a plugin for monitoring of Kubernetes cluster components such as deployments (replicas), nodes, and pods.
  • We have the latest version of OP5 Monitor available in AWS and Azure Marketplace for easy deployment in the cloud.
  • The check_vmware_v2 plugin replaces the check_vmware_api plugin to bring extended capabilities for monitoring VMware networks.
Opsview: Enhanced Collector Management

Remote Collectors can be registered and upgraded to later versions directly from the user interface, without the need for command-line access. This makes the upgrade process more convenient and efficient, as you can track the progress of the upgrade in the UI and view any upgrade activities that are logged.

The Monitoring Collectors page has been replaced by the Collector Management page. This page has been updated to ensure that all elements are aligned and styled consistently throughout the user interface. This makes the page more visually appealing and easier to use.

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