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ITRS Opsview Cloud Release Notes


Opsview release notes contain the list of enhancements of features, and a set of issues fixed in the 6.x release version of Opsview Cloud. Note that any fixes from previous release dates are rolled up into the latest release.

For details on administration and usage, you may refer to Opsview Cloud documentation.

Opsview 6.6.3

Released: 10 November 2021

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Description
OP-47963 Host and service remain handled even after the downtime is cancelled.
OP-48910 Network Topology: Loopback address shows as separate node.
OP-48761 detect_neighbours does not fail when not passing the cmd key.
OP-48310 Auth_tkt removal: NetAudit uses Session Manager permissions.
OP-48309 Auth_tkt removal: Reports uses Session Manager permissions.
OP-48144 Microsoft 365 - Exchange - Email Activity service check can return empty values.
OP-45719 Plugnpy does not handle negative numbers when specifying conversion factors.
OP-45428 Changed output from vSphere datastore check.
OP-37093 Updated Angular and dependent Node Modules.

Opsview 6.6.2

Released: 16 September 2021

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Description
OP-37751 Interface Poller fails when more than 400 interfaces are selected.
OP-42050 Interface poller passive check failure when there are too many interfaces.
OP-42116 Azure - Windows VM - Shutdowns failing due to failure to parse date string.
OP-42242 Broken images on host template icons.
OP-43119 Azure Zero Dimension and Timegrain Bugs.
OP-43121 Azure variables can be incorrect when upgrading to the new Opspack if Host Name in Opsview is not the resource being monitored.
OP-44276 Azure log analytics environment setup broken.
OP-44311 Azure Elastic Pool automated tests are consistently failing when run in the pipeline.
OP-46316 Azure - Network Watcher - Connection Monitors check fails for problem states.
OP-46421 Azure Elastic Pool checks almost all failing with unhelpful error.
OP-47143 Not possible to add over 300 interfaces to a host because of an error when creating the audit log record.
OP-47229 Authentication through OAUTH2 is not working.
OP-47666 Fixed Chrome 92 test failures in opsview-web-ui-ng.

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